Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shortest / Longest Day

Sunday 21st December 2008
Today was the last Sunday before Christmas and the shortest day in England, presumably that means it was the longest day in Australia. It didn’t feel any longer than yesterday, but what do we know.
We wanted to make it a restful, relaxing day today because according to the locals, the tourists (terrorists) will be here next week upsetting everything and making the place busy.
We went to the markets in the morning, in the afternoon we were supposed to be meeting Fliss to go and watch Madagascar II at the Cinema. Unfortunately Fliss and her lover (Luke) had been partying the night before and were not in a fit state to switch her phone on, so we went without her.
The kids enjoyed the film, in truth they probably only enjoyed being at the cinema doing something different.
The film was pretty crap really, if you have seen the trailers, which were pretty good, you have seen the film, the rest of the film was rubbish.
It was a hot day today, so after the cinema we went home, Ian put a Boned and Rolled Chicken onto the spit roast over the BBQ for the first time, switched it on and left it while we went to the beach.
We went to Meelup beach for just over an hour before heading back for dinner, it was so exciting, this was the first time we had used the BBQ and it was our trial run for Christmas Day when we will have to feed Fliss and Aimee as well.
The chicken was bloody lovely although the stuffing wasn’t up to much, we have ordered the same stuffing for our turkey so we will have to change the order tomorrow.
We were wondering why we never cooked this way back in the UK, then we remembered, it was wet and cold back there.
That isn’t totally fair, BBQ’s do take a bit of preparing and we were never in a position where we could find the time, then there’s the weather, it was always doubtful as to whether the weather would hold up from the time you bought the meat to the time you wanted to cook it.
We do get more rain here in Busselton than we did back in the UK, but it comes between May and November, the rest of the time it is too warm to be indoors standing over a hot stove, when you could be outside.

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Ganeida said...

The *terrorists* are so awful up mum's way we're actually taking our holiday this year after school has officially gone back. Shouldn't...but we will have a much nicer time with smaller crowds.