Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Shopping

Saturday 20th December 2008
Michelle went sick again today, fortunately it wasn’t too busy today so we coped. Carolyn did come in to help but was not required.
Marisa, knowing that Fraser went clothes shopping yesterday (probably for the first time this year), all of a sudden hasn’t got anything to wear.
Marisa is one of those really annoying people who apart from being really brilliant at everything, is also one of those people who can look good in anything and is fun to go shopping with.
Add to that Marisa’s expertise as a magician, she gets bought more clothes than anyone, closely followed by Carolyn, but never has anything that isn’t old or doesn’t fit anymore, closely followed by Carolyn. That’s not to say that Carolyn is old or doesn’t look fit anymore.
The long and the short of it is that Carolyn and Marisa went shopping for much needed clothes for Marisa, and possibly a few bits for Carolyn as well, but we won’t see them until she can say she’s had them for ages.
This afternoon Marisa had a dress rehearsal for the pantomime, according to Marisa and her mum she was excellent.

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