Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday Mayhem

Monday 29th December 2008
It was mayhem as usual this morning at the Café, it is always like it on a Monday morning because of the amount of preparation that we have to do at the start of the week, only today was a bit worse than normal because it is still holiday time and we have 50% more customers who keep coming in and interrupting our preperations.
On top of that we had one member of staff go sick, fortunately Carolyn was able to come in and cover for her which didn’t please the kids too much, but they’ll put up with anything for a Pie from the hot cabinet and a large cup of Slushie that they can pour themselves.
The day was busy, the bank manager will be happy and all we need now is another 500 or so days like this and the government will think we’re great and grant us our residency visa.
I probably shouldn’t have added that line, it makes it seem a long way off.

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