Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

Sunday 28th December 2008
We went to the market this morning at Rotary Park, it must be holiday season because there were loads of stalls, most of them selling stuff that we wouldn’t be seen dead with but it obviously attracted a lot of people.
After the market we went to the foreshore for a cup of coffee while the kids went for a swim in the sea, it was very busy on the foreshore with plenty of tourists around which meant we had to wait even longer than usual for our coffee.
We shouldn’t knock the tourists really, all these wonderful tourists also help the CafĂ© trade and technically we remain tourists until the wonderful government of this wonderful country give us the nod and allow us to remain here as residents and eventually citizens.
Marisa had a Dress Rehearsal for the Panto this afternoon, it was filmed and is going to be available on DVD so that we can watch it in years to come and eventually embarrass Marisa in front of her boyfriends when we have a family showing. Alternatively, if she ever becomes a superstar and doesn’t make sure she looks after us, we can sell it for a fortune, but not before making a few copies.
Marisa was apparently very good in the rehearsal just for a change, which is more than can be said for the pianist that is supposed to be accompanying them.
The pianist reads from the music sheet and the kids learnt all their songs without any accompaniment, the problem is that the kids sing at one speed and the pianist can only play as it says in the book and is unable to improvise, they have decided that for the shows the kids will have to sing without accompaniment rather than risk a cock up because the pianist can’t keep time with them.
After the rehearsal we went to Gelato for a well earned Ice Cream, or Gelato even, before going home, getting changed and heading for Meelup for a dip in the ocean.
In the evening we had pizza for tea, watered the gardens and had an early night.

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Just stopping by to say "hello." I enjoyed reading about your Christmas. :-)