Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Belly Button Peircing

Tuesday 30th December 2008
Another busy day at the Café today, fortunately everyone turned up for work so Carolyn was able to stay at home and doss, tidy the house, do some gardening and play with the kids.
Elena who works for us and is one of the stars in the Panto has been found out, she plays Princess Balroubadour, Aladdins lover and is dressed in what most people would believe is traditional Arabian womens attire (a Belly dancers outfit). The problem with this outfit is that it shows off a fair amount of belly, that’s not to say that Elena is fat, she most definitely isn’t, but she has had her belly button pierced and her parents were unaware.
Elena’s mum went to see the show last night, Elena had been a bit worried about them finding out but we assured her that it probably wouldn’t even get noticed and if it did they would probably think it was part of the props. Elena wasn’t so sure.
Elena was right, Elena’s parents now know that she has her belly button pierced, Elena’s parents are not happy.
Elena on the other hand seems to be happy that she no longer has to hide it, has got it out in the open and broken down another barrier.
Marisa was in the Panto for real tonight and she loved it, apparently she did really well and when she came out she was so hyped up and excited she was bouncing off the walls.


Anonymous said...

... and it was never to be spoken about again... :p


Marcus said...

I think a picture is called for!

My daughter leant over to get something out of the car one day, her shirt rose up, revealing a tattoo in the middle of her lower back!! I was shocked, but as tattoos are permanent what could I do!!

last weekend my second son/third child came home from Perth with his nose pierced!!

You can't leave them alone for a minute!!