Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Years Eve 2008

Wednesday 31st December 2008
It was yet another busy day in the Café today, Carolyn came in and worked until 3pm, Ian didn’t finish until 5.30 which he wasn’t very happy about. We have got so much equipment in the Café now that needs very comprehensive cleaning, dismantling and putting it back together again, it is a nightmare to have to do it more than once a week, but you can’t leave it unused for a day.
This evening we went to the Broadwater Food Hall for a meal, we took some booze up there with us and had a good meal.
We had toyed with the idea of going into town to see the new year in, but the kids wouldn’t have been allowed in anywhere and most places were charging a fortune for a Buffet that would have been over by about 8pm, so we still would have had another 4 hours to wait which we felt would have been a bit excessive.
After our meal we walked home and all sat down to watch the film Get Smart, it is a good film, Ian had seen it at the cinema when it came out over here but Carolyn had not seen it before, it is one of those films that is better on the big screen.
After the film we got Frasers Telescope out, tonight is the first night since Christmas when it hasn’t been overcast. Ian set it up so that it was pointing at a star, the kids kept touching it every time they tried to look at it and Ian would have to set it up again. After a while the clouds did come over, so we put it away and the kids went to bed.
We stayed up and watched What Happens in Vegas, it was very funny and helped us stay awake long enough to see in the New Year.

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