Monday, August 18, 2008


Saturday 9th August 2008
This morning we were short staffed at work so Carolyn had to come in and help, unfortunately for Kristian that meant that he had to as well. It was fairly quiet in the cafĂ© apart from a brief flurry at lunchtime, so Carolyn didn’t have to work too hard and Kristian got bored.
We got Kristian to do some work so that he could earn some money, we gave him a bundle of serviettes and asked him to fold them into triangles, it worked for a while but then he got bored. As he got bored he was getting through the pile quicker, upon closer inspection, he had palmed a load off on Michelle and Rachel and where he had been folding them one at a time to start with, by the time we checked them he was folding them in bundles of up to six which meant that we had to pull them apart and start again.
In the afternoon Carolyn went to pick up Marisa and her mate, turns out her mate is having a sleepover with us tonight.
In the evening we all went down to stilts for a couple of hours, Marisa managed to lose the bracelet that her mate had given to her and we had plenty of tears while we spent about half an hour looking round the grounds in the cold and dark to no avail. In the end we left our details at the bar with a brief description of the bracelet, just in case anyone hands it in and then walked home.
We watched the Movie “Gremlins” when we got home which put Marisas mates nose out of joint, she had brought some films that she wanted to watch, unfortunately for her we didn’t want to watch them.

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