Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pet Possum

Friday 8th August 2008
Marisa had to go to the dentist this morning, in the past she has been absolutely terrified of dentists but this time she sat there good as gold for over an hour while they drilled and filled one of her back teeth that has been giving her gip for a couple of years. We are assuming that the nagging pain eventually wore her down to the point where she couldn’t take the discomfort anymore.
It would appear that Marisa has a new admirer, for the first half hour while she was in the dentists chair, a young lad from her class sat outside the door gazing longingly at her, eventually Carolyn had to tell him to go to his class otherwise he would get himself into trouble.
Marisa stayed the night with a friend for a sleepover, Carolyn took Fraser to Scout camp and dropped him off there. As Carolyn drove through the grounds of the place where the Scouts were going to be camping, they saw Kangaroos, Chickens (Chooks), a Goat and a Pet Possum. It is probably illegal in Western Australia to have a Pet Possum, so instead it was probably a wild Possum that enjoyed a cushy life.
Kristian got spoilt for the night, as our only offspring in the house he was an extremely happy little chappie.
We had Noodles for dinner and Kristian decided which DVD we would watch, Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring before having an early night.

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Ganeida said...

It always pays to be the only child home. Mine have been planning how to ditch the other 4 forever! lol. And jamborees are great. I did the Guide one at Orange NSW when I was about 15 & it was fantastic! As for the *snip*...well, males are easy & they're up pretty quick but Iss, blithering great sook that he is, cried & cried when I left him thinking he'd been bad enough to be abandoned. I have never seen a cat so happy to have an owner come get him & bring him home!