Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Thursday 7th August 2008
Sterling went to the vets so that he could have the snip this morning, makes it sound like he was being the socially aware responsible cat doesn’t it? Wrong, Carolyn had to take him for the chop as part of the deal for allowing him to adopt us, they must have improved on the techniques though, or forgot to do him, because when he came home in the afternoon it was like nothing had happened. Every other cat we have had done, has refused to talk to us for at least two days after being done.
Carolyn had to go into school at lunchtime to help with Cooking lessons in Kristians class, today they made Fried Rice which went down well. Over the last month or so we have collected disposable Chopsticks from the Noodle Shop every time we have got a take away from there and not used them so we sent them into school, unfortunately there wasn’t enough to go round so they had to be washed three times before everyone had got a chance to use them. Carolyn made sure that Kristian was one of the kids in the first batch to use them, it would appear that she finds the thought of him kissing her goodnight after eating with the same utensils as numerous feral kids in his class slightly distasteful.
Kristian won a big bar of Chocolate at school today when his name was drawn out in the Faction draw, only kids who have earned points for their faction are allowed to be entered in the draw so it is quite special.
The café was very busy at lunchtime today, we had to make several batches of pies to keep up which was good. We still need to develop a bit more of a following for early morning and the afternoon, we are ticking over at these times but need a bit more to make it worth it.
Camtec, the people who since we have been in this house have been charged with the responsibility of repairing our Fridge and Freezer doors as part of their warranty were supposed to turn up today to finish the work on the Freezer. They came a couple of weeks ago and did the Fridge and we know they have the part for the Freezer, so all they have to do is spend ten minutes fitting the new part to the Freezer and we will all be happy. They must like hearing Carolyns voice over the phone, perhaps they get a kick out of being given a bollocking because yet again they didn’t turn up.
They should have been here between 1pm and 2pm, Carolyn rushed back from school to be here for 1pm and they didn’t turn up. They say they did turn up between those times, but unless the bit of Busselton where they usually work is in a different time zone or on a different planet which is more likely the case, they are telling porkies.

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