Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Wednesday 6th August 2008
Carolyn went to Bunnings this morning to pick up the BBQ, it took two blokes and a fork lift truck to get it in the back of the car so Ian had to pop out from work to help unload it when she got home. Fortunately we were able to reverse the car right round the back of the house to the garden shed, between us we managed to pull it out of the car and into the shed. One things for sure, when it comes to building it we will be bringing it out of the shed in pieces, there’s no way we want to pick up that weight too often.
The business is still ticking over nicely, the Pie, Mash and Gravy offer is going down well and we have introduced Sausages, Mash and Onion Gravy which is also quite popular.
This evening Carolyn went to the Scouts P&C meeting where they discussed, yep you guessed it, Fund Raising. It turns out that in 2010 there is a Jamboree (not a bag of sweets and toys) on the East Coast somewhere, where Scouts from all over Australia will gather for a bit of a shin dig for a week. Now when this happens we will have two kids that will want to go, so other people helping to pay for them to go is quite close to our hearts really.
The event is going to cost about $1,300 per adult and $2,000 per child at a rough guesstimate, so far they have managed to raise enough to fund two of the three adults required to supervise. They are planning a series of events to raise more over the next two years, so hopefully there won’t be too much to pay at the time.

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