Wednesday, August 13, 2008

BBQ v Lean Mean Grilling Machine

Tuesday 5th August 2008
Ian went to Bunnings tonight after work to see about getting a BBQ in the sales before the new models come in, there wasn’t that great a selection of all singing, all dancing ones for him to choose from but after bending the sales assistants ear for an hour he made an executive decision.
Tomorrow Carolyn is going to have to move all the seats round in her car, and basically turn it into a van in order to get the BBQ in and get it home. The BBQ plus assorted gadgets, cupboards and shelving takes up seven rather large boxes and weighs a ton, there was absolutely no chance of getting it in Ians car.
The reason Ian is giving for going for this super duper model rather than the large George Foreman lean mean grilling machine is, (1) you can’t get a large lean mean grilling machine in Busselton and (2) you can’t fit a rotisserie capable of cooking a Turkey on Christmas Day on a lean mean grilling machine.
The other reason is that part of the reason for coming out here was that we would embrace and enjoy the Aussie culture, whether we liked it or not. So with our positive thinking heads on we have taken the first step in committing ourselves to an Outdoor, Aussie Lifestyle, the only down fall is that once this BBQ is built we will need a Forty Foot Trailer if we want to have a Barbie on the beach.
Fraser went to Scouts again tonight, we had to part with yet more money for another camp that he is going on over the weekend. Fortunately this one is being held on land owned by one of the organisers so we only have to pay for food, it sounds like she wants some trees planted so that should keep them busy, it should save her a few bob as well.
Carolyn went to a school P&C meeting tonight where they discussed the same things they discussed the last few meetings, although one company has donated $500 towards building the limestone wall round one of the playgrounds which was handy.

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