Monday, August 18, 2008

Bootleg Brewery

Sunday 10th August 2008
We went to the market at Rotary Park this morning to pick up some fruit before going down to the seafront for a coffee. While we had our coffee we let the kids play in Jungle Bungle, an indoor play area opposite the Jetty, that kept them amused for just over an hour and we were able to relax in peace.
The wind has got a bit of a chill to it at the moment but the sun is starting to get a bit fierce, Ian managed to get a sun burned forehead while we were drinking coffee.
We dropped Marisas mate off at about 1 pm and then drove to where Fraser and the rest of the Scout troop were camping, to pick him up. When we got there we were greeted by almost but not quite the dirtiest Scout in WA, it would appear that Scouts in this Troop are not encouraged to wash and therefore do not.
After listening to the Scout Leader going into great detail about the amount that Fraser had eaten in two days and the fact that in those two days he was the only one to use a toothbrush, we went to the Bootleg Brewery for a drink and a look round while the kids played in the playground.
The Bootleg Brewery is situated in a very picturesque position by the side of a lake, bearing in mind it still isn’t very warm outside there were quite a few people there having a meal and a drink. We didn’t touch anything alcoholic because (1) we don’t drink and drive, and (2) they don’t brew any low strength (3%) beers and Ian has a habit of falling over if he drinks anything stronger, obviously not getting enough practice. When the weather gets warmer we will go back there for lunch one day, because the food did look good.
From there we drove home, stopping at a Sculpture Gallery on the way, the Goanna Gallery and CafĂ©, we had a look round and bought Ian a back scrubber but weren’t over impressed with what we saw.

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