Monday, August 18, 2008

Busselton Police Station

Monday 11th August 2008
The Café was fairly busy today, Silver the cat was Micro chipped and Ian got his bike back from the bike shop after it had been serviced.
Carolyn had to make a mountain of mashed Potato for the Café so that we don’t run out now that our Pie, Mash and Gravy is going down so well.
Kristian and Marisa went with the Cubs tonight on a visit to Busselton Police Station, they were a little bit disappointed to find that the only prisoner that had been in a cell today had been released just before they got there. The Police let them have a good look round the Station and went into great detail about the equipment and weapons they are required to use, the kids were particularly interested in learning how to use Pepper Spray and load a Gun.
We are assuming that the Police officer showing them round didn’t show them how to use Pepper Spray or load a Gun, but merely spoke about it and the kids have just put there own interpretation on it.
The highlight though was the Camera in the Police Cell, apparently if there was a prisoner in there and he/she was having a Pee, the person monitoring the camera could watch them, presumably that job goes to one of the High Flyers (probably a future Commissioner or something).
Anyway, the kids thought it would be a great job to have, but only if there were prisoners in the cells.

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