Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sunday 17th August 2008
This morning we went to the Market down on the sea front, there was not a lot there of interest so we just bought some apples and then went for coffee. The kids played in the park for a while before coming back to us complaining that it was too hot so we told them to go for a paddle in the sea to cool down, they played on the beach for a while but were all in bored mode so it didn’t last long.
When we got bored with the whinging we went to the local DIY stores looking for Garden Furniture and Ladders, after looking at assorted bits of Garden Furniture and Ladders we went home with a couple more Fruit Trees for the garden.
We had a quick bite to eat before dropping the kids off at Fliss’ house for her to babysit them while we went to the Cinema to see Wanted, Fliss had been complaining at the beginning of the week that last Sunday she and Aimee had wanted to play Forts on the front lawn but were too embarrassed to do so because they had no children to play with.
Unfortunately Aimee was working so Fliss had to organise the kids on her own, when we got back from the Cinema almost the entire contents of the house were scattered across the lawn, the chairs, curtains, curtain poles, they were all out there. They had been running around outside all afternoon and didn’t want to stop, after pointing out that tomorrow is a school day they relented and we went home via the most understaffed McDonalds in the world. It must have taken us at least 15 minutes just to get to the counter because they only had one person on the tills, and he was extremely slow.
Ian thought the Film was average, but Carolyn thought it was good, it is probably worth watching just to decide if you like it or not but it will not go down as one of the greats.
Have you noticed how small McDonalds Burgers are getting now, Marisa had a Fillet of Fish, it was no bigger than a Custard Cream and should be more aptly named Fillet of Minnow, but I suppose that doesn’t have the same ring about it.
Ian spent the evening cooking Onion and Potato Soup which for some reason has Tomato Puree in it which makes it look more like Tomato Soup, Carolyn spent the evening Ironing.

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