Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup

Monday 18th August 2008
Carolyn made up a load more Onion and Potato to put into Ians Tomato looking Soup and brought it into the Café, when it was all blended it tasted like a strong Tomato Soup so we added a bit of Cream to it and it ended up tasting not totally unlike Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup so that is what we have decided to call it, leaving out the Heinz bit of course.
We cleared out the Kiddies Play Area at the Café in the morning and the Painter turned up just after lunch, he spent the afternoon filling all the gouges in the wall of the play area and by the time he had finished there was more filler than wall.
Michelle didn’t come in to work today, a friend of hers was badly injured in a car crash while trying to get away from the police, the accident happened late Saturday night and the road remained closed until about 3pm on Sunday so it must have made a bit of a mess.
Apparently the death toll for this year so far in WA is 121, which according to Fliss who said she saw it on the news, is more than all the other states put together.
It was a bit quiet in the Café today so while we had a few minutes we went out looking for an Entertainment area and some Garden Furniture, we were undecided on the garden furniture we saw but did arrange for another quote for the Entertainment area.
Kristian and Marisa went to Cubs tonight and came back with a couple of letters, the first was asking for parents to attend a meeting to talk about the future of the Cub Pack, so presumably there is a chance it will not be around for much longer. The second was a letter talking about fundraising for the pack, it involves picking up rubbish in Busselton and for every bagful they collect they will get $4 from a group called keep Busselton Beautiful, the pair of them have stated point blank that they have no intention of picking up rubbish for anyone, one thinks one might have a couple of spoiled brats on our hands.

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