Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Star Wars Clone Wars

Saturday 16th August 2008
As expected we were all up early for Kristians Birthday, 6.30 am to be precise. We had to be up at that time so that Ian would be able to watch him open his presents before he went to work, we don’t know what time Kristian woke up but at just gone 6 am Carolyn found him sitting in front of the wood burner with a big grin on his face saying I’m 8 today.
He got all of the main presents he wanted thanks to family and friends and went to the Cinema to see Star Wars Clone Wars with a couple of mates from school, Carolyn was with them, she and Marisa sat on one side of the Cinema while the boys sat on the other.
After the Cinema they went to the Café for lunch where they ate Radioactive Red Hot Dogs and Aussie Yellow and Green Cup Cakes, they then went down to Jungle Bungle on the seafront so that they could run wild for a couple of hours while Carolyn relaxed in the sun with a coffee.
Our Painter came to the Café today to go through some swatches with us so that he can order our paint, it turns out that the job he should be doing next week is an outside job and with the amount of rain we’ve had and temperatures going below zero most nights he feels that there is too much moisture in the air, he is therefore going to start on the Café on Monday and do the other job when the weather is a bit more predictable and dry.
We chose a Cream”ish” sort of colour for the main walls and a Pinky/Terracotta sort of colour for the alcoves and feature bits in the Café, we chose Bright Green, Bright Orange and Canary Yellow for the Take Away area, we think it will help it get noticed plus they are fun colours.
The Café was quiet today and Ian managed to finish early so we went for a walk along the beach, stopping at Stilts to pick up Marisas Bracelet which had been found after she lost it last week. Craig the Guvnor was there and told us that he would only be able to show the first half of the Arsenal game because there was Rugby on and there would be a fair crowd in to watch that, we didn’t stop for a drink and carried on our walk along the beach.
In the evening after Kristian had taken his Birthday Phone Calls we sat down to watch the Family film, it was one that was on Kristians birthday list, I must point out at this time that Ian did not buy it for him, Carolyn did.
It was called SHARKBOY and LAVAGIRL, it is probably the biggest pile of CRAP ever to make it onto DVD. They advertise it as being from the Director of “SPY KIDS”, now either “SPY KIDS” was a load of crap and the Director has no shame or he/she made a massive error of judgement.
After about 10 minutes of the film we went to the kitchen and made dinner, while the kids watched the film.
This evening Ian went to the Narde to watch football, Arsenal v West Brom, not the goalfest that he had been hoping for and for a better way of putting it, not the prettiest match he had ever seen.
While there somebody in the pub informed him that the word Narde is Aboriginal for Craphole, if it is true it is a fairly apt description of the place, if it isn’t it’s about time they got it added to the Aboriginal Concise Dictionary, if there is one.

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Glowstars said...

Apparently spy kids was worse than crap (since hearing that I've not bothered to even flick over to the other channel to watch it).