Monday, August 18, 2008

Bunbury Shopping

Thursday 14th August 2008
We went to Bunbury this morning to look for Carpet with Roads Printed on it for Kristians birthday, of all the things on his birthday list this is the must have, it is also the one thing you can’t buy in Busselton. When I say the one thing you can’t buy in Busselton I am referring to the one thing on Kristians list that you can’t buy in Busselton and not literally the one thing you can’t buy in Busselton.
After all if it was the one thing you couldn’t buy in Busselton, then that would mean that Busselton would have the Best, Most Comprehensive array of shops to be found anywhere in the world. Now some of you might have guessed by now that when it comes to shopping, Busselton is not quite at that level, we do have probably more than our fair share of Charity shops, but then so do most British High Streets.
The difference between Busselton shopping and the rest of the world is that (1) if they haven’t got it, they haven’t got it and they’re certainly not going to look for it, and (2) if they have got it, you can’t have it because it is the only one they have, but if you order now it should be here within six weeks and if it’s not here in six weeks it might take a bit longer. Now where else can you get that level of service.
Anyway, we managed to find the carpet he wanted and were able to relax as we walked round town window shopping. Bunbury shopping is actually not much more inspiring than Busselton shopping, they just have more of it.
We did manage to find somewhere selling Pink Hot Dogs instead of the usual Radioactive Red ones that people normally eat over here, they were being sold in a Wendys Franchise and when we asked where they got them from, they told us that only Wendys Franchises can get them and the only reason they don’t have Radioactive Red ones is because WA is the only place that eats Red ones, the other States in Oz won’t even entertain them. So our search for a Pink Hot Dog supplier for the CafĂ© goes on.
Not a lot else happened really, or if it did it passed us by.

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