Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Apple Slinky

Friday 15th August 2008
Carolyn went into school again today to help out with the Cookery Class, they made Olympic Apple Slinky which involved putting Apple Rings in the shape of the Olympic Logo onto Pastry, sprinkle with Sugar and Cinnamon, wrap the pastry round the Apple and Bake.
The Cats got registered today, they get a little plastic tag that is supposed to be fitted to their collars, at the moment we only have one collar so neither of them are wearing one in case the other gets jealous.
It was a fairly quiet day in the Café today, the weather has been good so perhaps they were all out sunbathing.
It’s Kristians birthday tomorrow so he took a load of cakes into school for the other kids in his class, we made a load of Cup Cakes for him in the Café yesterday and Rodelle Iced them Yellow and Green (Australia Olympic Colours). The kids loved them and Kristian was really pleased.
This evening we had a family viewing of Harry Potter, The Chamber of Secrets. Early night tonight as we expect to be awakened early tomorrow.

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