Friday, July 11, 2008


Saturday 5th July 2008
The Café was very quiet today, it’s funny but sometimes in Busselton the whole town just fails to go out shopping on the same day.
We haven’t been here long so we still haven’t managed to work out the trading patterns apart from the fact that it is quiet before Eagles games, there is no Eagles game today so that can’t be it. We will have to keep working on it.
Carolyn cleaned the house today, Ian and the kids are trying to work out what she has done wrong. The kids played a game called Zootopia and thoroughly enjoyed it, apart from the bits where Carolyn came too close with the Hoover.
It has been a pleasant day and we had a stroll along the beach to Stilts for a couple of beers and watched the Aussies trounce the French at Rugby, the Aussies didn’t even build up a sweat for most of the game, apart from the one who no doubt woke up the following day with the most humungous shiner you are ever likely to see. Of course if you didn’t watch it that would be with the most humungous shiner you are Never likely to see.
The stroll back from Stilts was a bit swift to say the least, there was no wind and there was not a cloud in the sky, it was freezing. It was so cold tonight it was like being back in the UK on a mid January night out in the sticks somewhere, we think we must be closer to the South Pole than they let on in the advertising blah.
When we got home, the kids went to bed while we watched Minority Report which has got that Dwarf that was married to Nicole Kidman a few years ago in it.

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