Friday, July 11, 2008

Today West Busselton Primary, tomorrow The Palladium

Friday 4th July 2008
We started one of the girls today that we interviewed yesterday, her name is Simone and she is a good friend of Elena who works for us at the moment but who will be heading off to Europe in a couple of weeks time to see family and study, she will be back with us about three months later to help us through the summer.
Fliss was Tom and Dick yet again, don’t worry Ma Norman it’s not that bad, she did manage to walk in to let us know, obviously you haven’t bought her any phone credit lately.
Fraser and Marisa had their Talent Contest Final in school today, it was always going to be tough for Marisa because everybody wants to do singing and dancing, her dance troupe didn’t win but they enjoyed taking part.
Fraser on the other hand was the star of the show, in front of the whole school and with his first trick not flowing quite as well as it had done in practice he kept his cool and received the loudest ovation of all those taking part.
There were four categories in the competition, Dance: won by an acrobatic dancer and overall winner, Singing: won by Marisas mate, Music Performance: won by two girls playing Clarinets, Comedy/ Dramatic Performance: won by Fantastic Fraser and his Magic Show.
When the results were announced, the overall winner was named last, Fraser was named second from last, we don’t know if that means he came second in the whole competition but he thinks it does and we aren’t about to shatter his illusions.
The competition was compered by two lads from year 7 who had dressed up in fancy evening dresses and spoke in high voices, they had apparently written their own scripts and had something witty but fitting to say about every act.
For his efforts Fraser won a small box of Lindt chocolates and a certificate, he has become an extremely thoughtful lad since we have been here and when he saw that there were five chocolates in the box he made sure we all had one each, it was a lovely gesture considering he had worked hard for them and would have been quite within his rights to eat them all himself.

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brilliant ! Well done both.