Friday, July 11, 2008

Staff Interviews

Thursday 3rd July 2008
We have started interviewing for staff to see us through the summer, obviously this time of year is a good time to advertise because we have had plenty of enquiries.
The problem we have is that we are still trying to work out what direction we should be going in, we get a lot of older customers in during the day so maybe an older member of staff would be more aware of their needs, on the other hand they do seem to enjoy the smiling and joking going on among the younger ones.
We had a visit from Kristians teacher and a few parents of other kids in his class at the Café this afternoon, his teacher had sent out a newsletter inviting all parents along for a chat but only about four made the effort, mind you that is three more than we expected.
This evening Fraser has been practicing his magic tricks, attempting to perfect them in time for the final tomorrow which we have found out will be in front of the whole school.

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