Friday, July 11, 2008

Talent Contest Heat 2

Wednesday 2nd July 2008
Fraser had his moment of fame at lunchtime today when he performed his Magic Tricks in front of the teachers and any kids that wanted to watch, he managed to get through to the Final which we are all really pleased about because he has put in a lot of effort into getting it right.
Today was the last day of the heats and because of the numbers required for the final, the teachers (Judges) had to select the two best runners up to join the others in the final.
Marisa is ecstatic, her dance troupe were picked as one of the best runners up. Marisa and her mates have been practicing their routine every chance they got since the talent contest was first announced, it was probably a fair shout bearing in mind the commitment and effort they have put in and this probably played a part in the Judges decision.
It was all hands to the pumps today at the cafĂ©, it was our third busiest day so far (not that we’re counting) and Fliss pulls a sicky, right in the middle of lunchtime. We could see it was going to happen from early on because she came to work complaining that she didn’t feel too good, but wouldn’t go home because she thought she would feel better as the day went on.
Fortunately she lasted long enough for Carolyn to watch the Fantastic Frasers magic Tricks before she went home and Carolyn had to come into work.
After work Ian tried to ring Fliss to make sure she was OK, we know from our experience of working with her in the UK that she doesn’t go sick for no reason.
There was no reply on the phone, so Ian drove round to her house to check on her. When he got there the front door was unlocked because Aimee her flatmate had not locked it on her way out to work, Ian went in and after a couple of minutes of shouting her name, Fliss replied. She said she didn’t need anything and Ian went home happy in the knowledge that she was still alive.
We have decided that when she said she didn’t need anything she was lying, when her birthday comes round we are going to suggest to her mum that she buys her a Vacuum Cleaner and a set of instructions on how it works.
Don’t worry Ma Norman we are keeping an eye on her.

In the evening Carolyn went to Frasers Scout troop P & C meeting, they were surprised that she turned up, apparently it is normally only the Committee who turn up to these things.
Because Carolyn had turned up to the meeting it meant that there were enough people present to hold an AGM, so that is what they did. They cancelled the normal monthly meeting and held an AGM instead, presumably they weren’t sure when they might get the chance to do it again.
All the Committee resigned, all the Committee got re-elected. They discussed a few other bits that were going to be dealt with at the normal meeting and went home.

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