Friday, July 11, 2008

Talent Contest Heat 1

Tuesday 1st July 2008
Marisa and her dance troupe had their heat today and didn’t make the final, Carolyn went to watch it and is firmly of the opinion that bearing in mind it is a Primary School, some of the children taking part should have been wearing a bit more than they were. But the ones not wearing much got through to the final, now what does that say about society?
We had a load of wood delivered today, it looks better than the reclaimed rubbish that we had last time but there are lots of small bits which suggest that it might have been lying around for some time. A lot of it is no bigger than kindling which will be handy if the fire goes out, not much good for a good healthy burn though. The van that brought the wood was large and wooden fit through the car port so all the wood was dumped in front of the door that Ian uses when parking his car, needless to say he was delighted to come home from work after a hard days work to find that he wood be able to help move a Ton, or is that Tonne of wood from the driveway in order that he could park his car. Fortunately it was raining and a bit cold which made it feel so much more worthwhile.
Fraser went to Scouts tonight and made Spaghetti Bolognaise, unfortunately they didn’t save any for the parents, we can’t think of anything nicer than eating something cooked by a herd of grubby scouts.
Carolyn went to a school P && C meeting this evening, they have managed to sell 6 bricks which is a tad short of their target. Carolyn had mentioned to them in the past that they might like to try selling them to local businesses as they would be more likely to part with the cash, nobody bothered and they are now going to take the money out of another fund.

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