Friday, July 11, 2008


Monday 30th June 2008
Carolyn took Fraser to see Georgiana Molloy Anglican School today, she said the guy who showed them round this time was far more professional and able to relate to them and Fraser in particular.
Fraser liked the school, the Science rooms caught his eye straight away along with the Computer Suites and when he found out that they were building a Swimming Pool that tipped the balance for him. This school is a lot more expensive than Cornerstone but because it is so much larger it has more amenities to hand, saying that it does feel a bit like a Comprehensive School back in the UK, only the kids are behaving themselves.
The repair men from Camtec came today to fix the doors on our Fridge and Freezer, they replaced the door on the Fridge and then disappeared before Carolyn noticed that they hadn’t done the repair to the Freezer door. It looks like we will have to chase them up again which should be fun, you’d think that as it is being done on warranty they would do it all first time as there is surely only a limited number of times the manufacturer will pay for them to come out on the same job.
We ordered some more wood today, the load full of nails has burned very quickly and is obviously not the way forward, although we did think the bit with the Doorbell attached took its chime to burn and struck a chord as it melt all over the base of the wood burner.

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