Sunday, July 6, 2008


Sunday 29th June 2008
Not only did it rain all day yesterday, it rained all night as well, we didn’t get to the market today until almost noon, just in time to see some puppies for sale.
Carolyn resisted the temptation to buy the puppies and the kids went for a play over the park while we went to Simmo’s on the Foreshore for a cup of coffee. While we were there it absolutely chucked it down again, the wind got up and it was a bit chilly to say the least.
Ian has so far refused to wear a jacket during the day because “it’s Warm in Australia”, he has now decided that he is going to succumb and wear a jacket any time he is out socialising until further notice.
When it stopped raining in the afternoon, Ian planted a couple of the trees that have been sitting in their pots for the last few weeks. The soil is so sandy that we have had to go and get some more compost before he can plant the rest, so that’s another couple of weeks in their pots before he gets round to that.
In the evening we went to the Cinema, Carolyn went to see the second Narnia film while Ian and the kids saw Get Smart, we all enjoyed it.
After the Cinema we bought some Fish and Chips for supper from Cod Rocks a chip shop in the centre of Busselton, the chips were great but the Fish was crap, the worst we have eaten since we have been here and they’re not known for Haute Cuisine over here you know.


Anonymous said...

Is crap the upside down Aussie version of carp ?

The HoJo's said...

Very good, :o)