Sunday, July 6, 2008


Saturday 28th June 2008
The Café was busy again today, ensuring our best week so far.
Carolyn picked Marisa up from her mates at lunchtime, it would appear that when they got home from the Cinema last night they watched another four films before going to bed, somebody in their wisdom has let their child have a TV and DVD player in her room.
In the evening we went to Stilts for our usual Saturday night chill, it has been raining all day and did not let up tonight so we decided to drive their and walk back. We hunted all over the place looking for umbrellas to take with us for the return journey but could only find one, we eventually had to settle for the top half of a couple of garden umbrellas that we had brought with us from the UK, well there is a drought going on here, how were we supposed to know that it would rain for half the year.
We had a good night in Stilts, chatting to Guvners misses for most of the night, the weather did not let up all night and as we were contemplating the walk home in the rain, the Guvner said that he had the keys to the Resort Bus and would give us a lift home. We think we might be spending a bit too much money there.
In the end his wife gave us a lift, but not until after we had another couple of drinks.

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