Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Friday 27th June 2008
Fraser was taking part in a Sports Festival today, he had elected to play football against other schools. They were due to play six games but fortunately for them they had only played two games before the heavens opened and the event had to be called off, they had lost the first game 5 – 0 and the second 6 – 0.
The rain that came down today was unbelievable, if it had happened in England they would have raised the Thames Barrier and Kent would have been under water. It is incredible that so much rain can come down, leave a big puddle, ten minutes later the water is gone and the Government is telling us we are in the middle of a drought. The ground is just so sandy here it could rain for forty days and Noah would still have trouble finding somewhere to float his dinghy let alone his Ark.
It was another busy day at the Café today and it looks like it is going to be our best week so far, not bad for the middle of winter.
The Teachers over here are in dispute and refusing to do overtime, Marisas teacher put on a DVD for them to watch today so that he would be able to make time to do the kids School Reports.
After school Marisa went round to a friends house for a sleep over and went to the Cinema to see Kung Fu Panda for the second time today.

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