Sunday, July 6, 2008

Australian Football

Thursday 26th June 2008
Marisas class had their assembly today, they did a skit about Snow White and the Eight Dwarves. Snow White was having a chat with Mulan over the Great wall of China, Snow White fell off the wall and landed in a forest where she met Marilyn Munroe. Marilyn told Snow White about the Eight Dwarves House and told her not to let them know that she had told her or they would kill her, obviously Snow White let it slip because that’s how Marilyn died.
The eight Dwarves were meant to represent the eight teams in the Aussie Football League, don’t ask us why, it all got a bit surreal after that and even Marisa who is normally quite good at working these things out, couldn’t tell us what it was about. One of the Dwarves did get a custard pie in his face though, we don’t know why but it would appear that he deserved it.
The Café was very busy today, it has been the best day we have had since we got here and people are still telling us that it is quiet, we are going to have to advertise for some more staff if it stays this quiet on a regular basis.

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