Sunday, July 6, 2008


Wednesday 25th June 2008
The Chimney Sweep was late turning up this morning and Carolyn was not impressed, she ended up having to leave him to finish working on the Flue outside because she had arranged to help out on a Bus Tour being run for Kristians class.
Kristians class Bus trip was to go out and see different Habitats within the area, they had a look at some Wetlands looking for birds, they then went to a bird hide and had to see how many different birds they could see, on the way to the hide they saw some Kangaroos sitting a few yards from where they were walking. They then moved on to an area of Woodland where they saw a lot of Tuart Trees, a Native tree to this area, they had to measure them by using their hand spans round the trunk. They then went to Peppermint Grove Beach where they discussed what animals might live in that environment, what plants might survive there and why you would not plant trees on the sand.
The kids then went and played in the playground while the adults made the Hot Dogs, after lunch they were walking back to the bus and were discussing what animals might live in that environment, based on what poo they could see. All the kids knew what Possum Poo looked like because they see it in the school grounds, Carolyn pointed to another bit of Poo and said I know what animal did that because we have them back in England. The kids were quite impressed with the idea that there were the same animals in both countries and asked what it was, Carolyn announced that the Poo belonged to a Rabbit. At this point it then starts to get awkward for Carolyn because the Teacher asked her what a Rabbit sounds like? Now after years of working in a pub chatting to single women about their love lives, the first thing that popped into her head was that they Buzz. Now obviously she couldn’t announce this to the class and had to compose herself and stop laughing before she could then perform the little Tutting noise that everyone was expecting.
We are still waiting for the Fridge and Freezer people to come and repair our Fridge and Freezer doors like they should have done a few weeks ago, unfortunately after the events of the last few weeks we had neglected to chase them, Carolyn is now back on the case and in the mood to kick ass.
She got through to them on the phone, kicked up a stink and arranged for them to turn up next Monday.

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