Sunday, July 6, 2008

Viewing schools again

Tuesday 24th June 2008
Marisa had the day off school today because she was still run down and had to be dumped at the Café for an hour in the morning while Fraser and Carolyn went to look at a school.
The school they went to look at today was Cornerstone Christian College, we had been there before and quite liked it so it was time for Fraser to pay a visit to see if he liked it. He was quite impressed by it and seems keen to go there, we will not make a decision though until he has had a look at the Anglican school that we have seen, then he will be able to compare them before we make a final decision.
Carolyn went out shopping again today, she bought a Bed for Fraser at last, although he has got to wait three weeks for it to be delivered. He is over the moon that he might be getting a real bed to sleep on.
Fraser went to Scouts tonight.

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