Sunday, July 6, 2008


Monday 23rd June 2008
We had another wood delivery today, unfortunately when Carolyn rang up for it they forgot to tell her that it was reclaimed wood which was full of nails and screws, one of the pieces still had a doorbell attached to it. When Carolyn queried it they assured her that there was nothing wrong with the wood and that it burns really hot, much better than the normal stuff without the nails in it.
You can just see it can’t you, we’ve got one here, English, not used to fire wood and only just landed, “this is a good time to get rid of that half a ton of crap wood with all the nails in it Harry, yeh Guv they won’t know that nails don’t burn”. We were turned over, never mind we’ll go to a reputable dealer next time.
Carolyn arranged for a Chimney Sweep to come round on Wednesday to check out our wood burner, because we haven’t got a clue when it was last serviced or when the Flue was last swept and it has been pumping out a bit of smoke lately. By the time we get through all this crap wood we’ll have to call him in again to help resolve the metal fatigue.
At about 11.30 we got a call from school asking for someone to pick up Marisa because she wasn’t feeling well, she had looked a bit peaky when she got up this morning but we put that down to not getting much sleep at camp, or should we call it shed, over the weekend.
When Marisa got home she went straight to sleep and didn’t move for the rest of the day, Ian had to nip off from work to pick up the other two from school because we didn’t want to wake her.
Kristian went to Cubs tonight, Marisa was unable to, so she has still not attended a meeting despite going on Shed with them.


Anonymous said...

In England you would be glad of the nails AND ask for extra ones - the price of scrap steel is sky high

The HoJo's said...

I'll save them for when you visit :o)