Friday, July 4, 2008

The Perfect Dessert

Sunday 22nd June 2008
We went to the markets this morning and bought Mandarin and Lemonade Trees, we still managed to avoid buying a puppy.
Ian, Carolyn and Fraser went out for a bike ride in the afternoon, stopping off for the obligatory Gelato along the way. Ian has discovered the perfect Dessert, it is Elenas Mums Apple Tart served with their Cherry Gelato, he says it is the best combination he has eaten in years. The bike ride was about 20 Km long so Ian has convinced himself that he had earned it, no doubt we will do another 20 Km ride again soon, all in the name of fitness you know.
Kristian and Marisa came back from Camp at 4.45 PM, three quarters of an hour late and they looked shattered. Not only did they look tired, they stank, the stench in the car on the way home was ridiculous, two small kids shouldn’t be able to generate that sort of stench at their age.
It turns out that on their first night they slept in a shed, the idea was that they would put the tents up the following morning. The tents didn’t get put up for whatever reason so they slept in a different shed the next night, when they woke up they realised that it was the day they were coming home so they didn’t put the tents up then either.
They all had a great time and did lots of different activities while they were there and didn’t seem to notice the smell.


Little Nut Tree said...

they slept in a shed?!

The HoJo's said...

Apparantly Marisa slept under the sink on the first night so all her kit got wet. She may as well have been in a tent if she was going to get wet. So yes, I paid for my children to sleep in a shed! Not a wood shed but one designed to be used by campers, but a shed none the less.