Friday, July 4, 2008

Stuffed Eagles

Saturday 21st June 2008
While Ian was at work today, Carolyn pottered around the house doing her chores and unpacking some more of the stuff that we brought over with us that we haven’t had time to unpack before.
In the evening we went to Stilts for our end of week, early evening chill out. The West Coast Eagles were playing Geelong and it was being shown on TV, according to the radio earlier in the week Geelong had dropped a couple of their top players so the Eagles should win.
That was a bit like Michael Fish predicting a gentle breeze, they could not have been more wrong if they tried, it was an embarrassment. Now we know how Tottenham fans must feel, expecting great things and then Wallop, knocked for six.
The Eagles lost by 175 (one hundred and seventy five) points to 40 (forty), at the end of the first quarter they were about forty points down and everyone that had come to watch the game in the bar had discovered other interests and were trying desperately not to watch the game.
We had a nice evening despite that and when we got home, sat down with Fraser to watch Batman Begins, Carolyn managed to sleep through most of it.

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