Friday, July 11, 2008


Sunday 6th July 2008
We went to a Garage sale this morning before going to the Market for the weeks Fruit, these garage sales must attract a lot of attention because we got there at about 10 am and there was hardly anything left. While we were at the market we also bought 1000 litres of Grain fed Sheep Poo, it is supposed to be good for the garden and as Ian wants to grow some Fruit and Avocadoes we thought we should give our sandy garden a hand. Fortunately the guy who was selling it also delivers so we didn’t have to load it into the car.
While we walked round the market the kids played in the park, we then went and had a Coffee at Simmos on the foreshore. We sat outside the Café as the weather was nice and before long we had to take our jackets off, it was that hot we could feel the sun burning us as we sat there.
In the afternoon Ian planted the last of his trees and covered the soil with the aforementioned Sheep Poo, fortunately the Poo is dry so it was just a case of spread it about a bit and then water it, that made the eyes water a bit.
In the evening we went to the Cinema, Marisa saw Kung Fu Panda for the third time while it was only the first time for the boys. We went to watch Hancock, now that has got to be the funniest films to have come out in years, you would have thought that Carolyn was being poked with a cattle prod the noise she was making, it had us in stitches for most of it and is already on our DVD to buy list.
After the Cinema we went to Dysentery Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, it was not a bad meal but the staff were obviously keen to pack up and go home so the ambience was not quite what we had hoped for.

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