Monday, July 28, 2008

Samovar Cafe with the accountant

Friday 25th July 2008
It rained today, it seems to rain every day, the rain seems to get heavier every day, the rivers are full and the excess is running into the sea, apparently we still haven’t had enough rain to signal that there is a drought no more, the next little old lady that comes into the Café and tells Ian that this rain is good and we need more of it is likely to find her head stuck in a Coffee Grinder.
We went to Samovar Café/Restaurant this evening for a bit of a freebie, as part of our accountants promotion to partner and the companies change of Name/Logo they had organised this little shindig for some of their customers.
We left the kids with Fliss for a couple of hours while we were out, they love playing with Fliss it is like having a naughty younger sister for them.
As we entered the restaurant we were given name badges which was a bit weird because we already knew them, not only that but apart from our accountant and his wife they were the only names we knew in the building. The beer and wine were flowing and we did recognise one person there who comes to the Café from time to time, she introduced us to her other half and one other person, that other person then introduced us to two other people and that was it.
Most people there seemed to have their own little clique as would be the norm, so when the people we had been introduced to left we felt a bit lonely and after a while and a couple more beers we left. We decided that it would not be a good idea to try and drive home, so left the car and went to the pub to wait for a taxi.
The name tag idea probably would have worked better for us if it had the name of the company or organisation on it, there were probably several people there that we would have loved to have met in order to establish business links but it was not to be.
The pub we went to was the Vasse Bar and Grill, it is small, bright and when we have seen it in the past, gave the impression of being a quieter cosy sort of bar. Wrong, it is small and it is loud, we were sitting at the bar inches from each other and were having to shout to be heard.
Looking round at the people in the bar you could see that whether they came for the food or for the drink, they didn’t come for the music videos being played full blast on things that couldn’t even be described as big screens. It was a bit disappointing because we were hoping to have found a bar where we could sit and chat in relative peace and quiet, unfortunately it was not and is the same as every other pub that we have been in since we landed.
About a quarter of an hour before our taxi was due, one pulled up outside the pub so we went to check if it was for us. The driver was the poor bloke who picked us up an hour late last week after the office party, needless to say he knew nothing about our booking.
He called his office to see if he could pick us up and when the controller said he didn’t have the job, the driver told him who we were, what happened last week and pointed out that the job wasn’t released last week until well after the taxi was due. That worked, the controller gave in and we got the taxi.
First stop Fliss’ house, the kids were bouncing off the walls, she had fed them with all sorts of crap and then had them playing football on the front lawn in the dark and hide and seek with torches also outside in the dark. In the taxi on the way home the noise was deafening as the kids shouted about what they had been getting up to and what they had eaten. Fliss didn’t feed them just unhealthy, additive ridden crap, she let them have an olive each as well.
We got home at about 9pm and went to bed, all this high life lark is tiring you know.

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Glowstars said...

I commend Fliss for her imaginative use of olives - if only that wouold work with the boy. Bet your lot were incredibly happy with them though!