Monday, July 28, 2008

A Mills and Boon Moment

Saturday 26th July 2008
It rained this morning, it didn’t rain in the evening, but it did rain in the morning, it was that sort of rain that hits you square in the face because not only is it raining and raining heavily it is very windy, it’s always very windy when it’s raining over here, we think it might be because the Palm trees look nice when their fronds or leaves or whatever you want to call them are being swept back like those of a maiden, all be it with greeny brown hair, gazing out to see awaiting the imminent or sometimes not so imminent return of her lover.
Who said Ian didn’t have a romantic bone in his body, if he keeps going on like that he’ll be writing for Mills and Boon before long.
The wind over here, as a rule, only seems to pick up when the rain is coming or when it is actually raining, so we do get quite a lot of wind really. We think that what the government should be doing to get rid of this drought is to build a structure that will divert the wind, and in doing so, divert the rain, cos there’s no rain without wind. The wind could be diverted to the wheat belt where the worst of the drought is and we could have a few dry days, that is of course until the farmers started moaning because it was the wrong sort of rain, or the rain they needed was the sort that doesn’t get carried along with the wind.
We were a bit short staffed today, so Carolyn had to go into work, we were not that busy it was just that we need at least four people if we get a little flurry of activity. We did get a flurry for an hour or so but that was about it really, we’ll blame the wind and rain for a change.
The afternoon was positively glorious and after work we went for a walk on the beach, when we got to the beach, the small creek that is obviously supposed to act as an overflow from somewhere but to date has done its best to convince us that it is in fact a stagnant pond, was gushing out to sea and had made its own little river through the sand down to the water.
We didn’t bother trying to cross it and walked the other way, not that we had any intention of crossing it you understand. If we had crossed it we would have been going in the wrong direction for the pub, on a Saturday night after work there was no way we were going to let that happen.
When we got to the pub we thought that we would be able to watch the Eagles playing aussies football but the place was set up for the Wallabies v All Blacks rugby match, when we said to the guvnors misses that we had expected to watch the game, she informed us that it had kicked off four hours earlier and if we had been there we could have done. Anyway, the Eagles won which is sods law really and the aussies won the rugby although it was a close game and they nearly came unstuck.
Another early night because we are determined to get up early tomorrow morning.

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Anonymous said...

My dear friends, finally I have a moment to read and catch up with your lives. Sounds like we have the best of the weather but I'm sure it won't last. Gold sandals = 2002, you've just added extra years to my marriage and so far 6 is enough! Missing you loads, much love L&Jx