Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Batman, The Dark Knight

Sunday 27th July 2008
Before we start on todays blog, there is something that we should have mentioned yesterday but we forgot.
Michelle who works at the Café has recently purchased a computer and has started to read this blog, now despite us and other staff telling her when she has been mentioned and what she has been mentioned for, now that she is reading it herself she is a bit worried that we might be making her look stupid.
We would like to point out that Michelle is a great worker and very mature in her attitude, this is why when she does do or say something a bit daft, it is worth mentioning in the blog.
Don’t worry Michelle we aren’t trying to make you look stupid, also if we did want to make you look stupid Fliss would feel that you were encroaching on her territory and she is also better at it than you.
Anyway it’s Sunday morning and guess what, it has been chucking it down since the early hours, the wind has been blowing a Hooley and the Bamboo has been scraping our bedroom windows for most of the night. We are toying with the idea of getting a Panda, just until it gets rid of the Bamboo you understand, then we might get a decent nights sleep.
We don’t know what we would do with the Panda when we were finished with it mind, perhaps we could enrol it into the traffic police, it could have its own Panda Car. Boom, Boom.
We woke up early, the first time we have woken up and got out of bed early for the Sunday market and it is chucking it down. Never mind we think, we have made the effort so we are going to the market, also we need some Mandarins and the ones they knock out at the market are far tastier than the tasteless crap you buy in the supermarkets.
We had promised the kids a Sausage Sizzle, last time we went to the market so they reminded us of it, the Sausage Sizzle stall is run by the local Rotary Club and it has normally ran out of them by the time we arrive. We were early this time and the weather was a bit naff to say the least so they had loads left, normally we end up having to have a toasted sandwich instead.
This time we wished we had turned up later and given them a chance to run out, the rolls were a bit on the tough side, the sausages and onions were cold and they didn’t have any mustard, the ones at Bunnings are much better. Kristian was happy though, he chose to have his usual toasted sandwich.
After buying some Mandarins and Veg, we went down to the Jetty, the wind was still blowing a gale and we thought it might be nice to sit inside the Ice Cream shop/Café and watch the waves over Coffee. Wrong, obviously they don’t open when the weather is bad because it was well and truly shuttered up, the other two Café/Restaurants on the front must have been rubbing their hands with glee because they were both doing a brisk trade in Coffee and Breakfasts.
We didn’t want to stop anywhere as formal as those two so we went back into town to the Merchant Tea and Coffee shop, Hot Choc and Cookies for the kids and Coffee and Cookies for us. The last time we had been into a Merchant Tea and Coffee was in Mandurah when we were looking to buy a business, that one was a lot busier and bigger than this but had no soul, this one is small and has a bit more of a cosy feel about it.
At 11.15 am it was off to the Cinema, we told you we got up early, we had done all that and it was still only 11.15 am, we were a bit tired by the time it got to the evening.
We went to see Batman The Dark Knight, it was more like a Hitchcock Thriller than a Super Hero film, looking back at it we would say that it was probably a bit too dark for the kids and should have had a higher rating. Saying that it had no interest for Kristian because after a while he spread himself out over several seats and went to sleep, the other two watched it all the way through but have not really spoken about it so either had trouble understanding it, or didn’t particularly enjoy it.
When we were kids, Batman was just a Super Hero fighting for justice and could do no wrong, now he is portrayed as some pervert who likes dressing up and kicking peoples heads in for fun in the middle of the night. Todays kids will never be able to look at Batman as a straight forward Super Hero like we did, because some film director has taken it away from them in the pursuit of finding something perverted and twisted that was never there before.
In the afternoon, Ian cooked, Carolyn did the ironing and the kids did their homework and tidied their rooms. In the evening, for family sit down and watch a film time it was Kristians turn to choose a film, so in true Kristian fashion and desperate to embrace the Aussie culture, we watched Crocodile Dundee again, not the popular choice, but it was Kristians choice Bless him.
By 9 pm, the early start to the day was getting to us, so we had an early night, roll on the summer when we will have a bit of sun to give us some energy.

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