Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Bed arrives, well most of it

Monday 28th July 2008
Today is our three month anniversary since we took over the Café and all of our customers must have been out celebrating, they certainly weren’t in the Café.
It was a very quiet day at work today, some might say that it had something to do with the rain but we weren’t going to mention it.
Did you know, it was raining today, the same sort of hard windy rain as we get every day just in case you were interested. It didn’t rain all day mind, sometimes it was just windy, but not for long, then it would start raining again. Still, could be worse. I don’t know how, I just thought that it sounded good.
Frasers bed turned up today, no instructions on how to put it together, “but it must be simple because it’s an Australian bed and not one of those that come from the Far East” said the bed man. We chose not to take the subject any further.
In fact they obviously thought that this one was so simple we wouldn’t need one of the main support bars, we had a knock on the door at about 6pm and it was the bed man with the missing bit which he had found under a carpet in the back of his van.
We put the bed together no problem, chucked the mattress onto it and there was a gap of three inches both in length and width between the mattress and the bed frame, this did not look right so Fraser is on the camp bed for one more night.
Kristian and Marisa went to Cubs tonight and have been put in the same Six, Akela must need his head read, we did point out to him when Marisa joined that they would be better kept apart, perhaps he has a plan.

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Elena said...

are the customers missing me yet? is this why you have not been busy? ah but no matter, tell my fans i have not yet taken my final bow!