Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shoes, Sandals and Boots for the nut, 18 pairs!

Here goes,
top left, Jasper Conran boots circa 1996 and almost faded and worn out, flip flops with sparkles from Next, the black shoes with a heel are Camper, bought on a trip to Madrid roughly 1999, the flat black shoes came from Clarks just before we left the UK last November, the beige sandals are Hush Puppies also from Clarks from the same shopping trip I expect.

Top right are running shoes, I don't run! The trainers were bought in the States last year, all are Nike.

Top left, Pikolinos, a present from Mr Hojo, Black heels from Next, bought for a birthday do a couple of years ago that we ended up not going to, I'm sure they were a bargain!, cheapo black party heels, worn maybe um, twice?, pink party heels, similar!, gold sandals from Clarks, bought for L & J's wedding do in 2002 I admit being corrected by the bride herself.

On the left, my lush Karen Millen denim boots with brown leather top, funky black high heeled boots, top right, brown Pikolinos again a pressie from Mr Hojo, bottom right, little black ankle boots, don't know where I got them but they look fab, finally a pair of pink boots also Clarks, well we all NEED pink boots don't we?

Whew, I'm done.....


Little Nut Tree said...

That is far too many shoes... I feel the need to unload all of mine and show you the full extent of my ridiculous habbit.... but I'm a little shy :)


Lovin the knee high brown boots! V swish!

Little Nut Tree said...

also why don't you get flickr account and then you can post your pictures with a link - might be easier for you?? x

The HoJo's said...

shy??? you??? post all of them...apart from the wedding ones, I can wait a bit longer to see those :o) I was quite impressed with how long I have kept some of my shoes, less impressed to notice I have spelt Clarks wrong every time, I shall have to change that now.


oh yeah, I did open a flickr account but got bored uploading! can't win.

Elena said...

i have pink boots :)
you cant wear them around busselton though! people look at you weird..