Friday, July 11, 2008

Ox Tails

Wednesday 9th July 2008
Another busy day at the Café today and the mood is good, we had a new member of staff start today and her name is Jade.
We have decided that we need to take on two extra staff to give us cover when Elena goes back to Italy and also to cover the increased levels of trade that we are experiencing, Jade seems to know what she is doing very and we think that both her and Simone will fit in well.
Carolyns car battery had recharged by lunchtime so hopefully that problem is sorted out.
We had Ox Tail and vegetables for dinner tonight, we were supposed to have Dumplings with it as well but Carolyn put them in and then got engrossed in some paperwork and forgot about them and they disintegrated, the meat flavoured flour mix in the bottom of the pan tasted lovely though.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds almost as good as some of my eforts. Unfortunately timing seems to be the key to most of it and I guess I have missed 40 years of practice. Pasta and mincy sauce with red wine (in a glass, not in the pasta) tonight - I can't go far wrong with that. I know you are supposed to have white with pasta but the red is open.