Friday, July 11, 2008

Lamb Chop

Tuesday 8th July 2008
Ian didn’t feel too good going to work this morning, Carolyn avoided the same fate and stayed in bed until lunchtime.
When she did eventually surface, the car wouldn’t start so Ian had to go and get some Jump leads and a battery charger and take them home. The battery was totally dead, we are hoping it isn’t the alternator although it’s not like the Battery takes a hiding, the car doesn’t go out at night, so it probably is.
It has been an absolutely glorious day today and Carolyn took the kids for a walk along the beach this afternoon and left them in the park while she went to the local supermarket, the supermarket is not that super really, she only wanted Lamb Chops and the didn’t have any.
Ian brought home some Lamb Chops which we had with Vegetables au Gratin, Ians favourite meal, and it was positively delightful. We settled for cups of tea tonight.

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