Sunday, July 13, 2008

Power Cut

Thursday 10th July 2008
Carolyn is not convinced that her car is working normally even though it is starting first time every time, it would appear that it is not starting the way she wants it too, however that might be.
Carolyn spent most of the day making soup and shopping for the ingredients of another soup for the Café, when she wasn’t worrying about her car not starting the way she wants it too.
Who said romance is dead? Our new member of staff, Jade, on only her second day received a card and gift from an admirer whom she had made a coffee for earlier in the day.
The gentleman in question who shall remain nameless came into the Café this morning seeking a coffee, he asked Jade if she could make a good cup of coffee, to which she replied that it was only her second day but she would do her best. She made the coffee and took it to him.
He obviously enjoyed it because at lunchtime there was a delivery to the Café, it was a card with a message complimenting Jade on her coffee making and an invite to contact the gentleman concerned, along with the card came a parcel with a cuddly green and cream monkey.
Needless to say this caused a bit of interest in the kitchen with all the other staff wanting to know what he looked like and whether he was a regular customer or not, Jade thought he was really old, possibly as old as 25, couldn’t really remember what he looked like and hadn’t seen him before.
It kept us all amused for the rest of the day and all that remains now is for Jade to explain to her boyfriend how she came upon this green monkey.
Today should have been our busiest day at the Café so far, unfortunately at lunchtime when we were at our busiest, some plonker drove into a Power Pylon on the Light Industrial Area and knocked it over. The offending Pylon then proceeded to catch fire and plunge the town into semi darkness, it would appear that the system works, if there is a power failure from one source the system cuts the whole town back to half power.
There are some people in town who are grateful for small mercies, those that were still able to watch telly for instance. For the business community it was an absolute waste of energy, the Fryers and Griddle couldn’t summon enough power to keep their temperature up, the Coffee machine was the same and the Toasters which appeared to be working, would only warm the bread enough to dry it out, not brown it.
We did go out and buy a Kettle which meant that we could make Tea and Hot Chocolate but that and sandwiches was about all we could do for about an hour, on the bright side, the governments campaign to reduce the levels of obesity got an unexpected boost when certain fast food operators were unable to open for an hour and a half because none of their equipment was working.

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Anonymous said...

You have mentioned that Oz is a bit low tech at times - you should hope that your dentist is not too up-to-date. Had to make a new appointment and go home from the dentist as they had a power cut and the chairs are now electrically operated so you could not even have your teeth checked.