Friday, July 4, 2008

More Golden Nuggets

Thursday 19th June 2008
Today was Pyjama day at school and guess what? If you crossed their palm with gold your child could go to school wearing their Pyjamas. Needless to say our kids wanted to be part of it so that was another three nuggets out of the back pocket, this school should go public and get themselves listed on the stock exchange, after all there aren’t many companies out there that you would volunteer to throw money at just so that your kids could eat a pie that they wouldn’t normally think of eating, or go to school in the middle of winter wearing their pyjamas. We’re in the wrong business.
Thursday evening in the Café was as dead as a Dodo again, despite bringing closing time back to 6pm we still did nothing after 5pm. We have decided that we will stick to 6pm on a Thursday just so that people get to know that we are open but will not try opening late again until the tourists start arriving.

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