Friday, July 4, 2008


Wednesday 18th June 2008
The kids had their pie for lunch today and made a poor little girl in Africa very healthy, they didn’t sound over excited about having eaten a pie but they did help raise some money for a good cause so I suppose that’s alright then.
Work is just plodding along at the moment, we are firmly entrenched in a comfort zone and the staff work well together. It is time for us to get our backsides into gear and organise what refurbishments we want to do before the summer.
The Cub leader, Akela to his mates, came round to the house tonight to pick up the money and permission slips for Marisa and Kristian to go to camp this weekend, another $140 straight out of the back pocket and all because our kids want to be happy. Why can’t we have kids that want to be unhappy for a while, it would save us a fortune, even if they misbehaved from time to time so that we could ground them for a bit would ease the financial haemorrhaging a little. Instead we have to put up with nice kids that want to be happy, want to do things and don’t really do anything wrong, it’s costing us a fortune.

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