Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting tired

Friday 6th June 2008
Winter is here, the kids are not enjoying getting up at silly o’clock in the morning, Carolyn is still in the UK and Ian is getting tired, but the Ironing is up to date and the house is tidy so that’s alright.
Ian is getting a bit tired now, the early and sometimes frantic starts to the day, followed by a days work in the Café and then sorting out the kids in the evening is starting to get to him. The biggest problem he’s finding is that after he has got the kids to bed at a reasonable hour, instead of being able to relax and nod off himself he has got to start work again doing the Bookwork, Cleaning, Washing, Ironing and any cooking that needs to be done for the Café before he can go to bed himself. Unfortunately he is averaging only about 6 hours a night with no rest time during the day, so he is not a very happy chappie at the moment.

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