Monday, June 23, 2008

Playtime for the kids

Saturday 7th June 2008
Ian had to take the kids in to work with him today and by about 9am they were bored, so he suggested to them that they go to the foreshore to play on the beach. Fraser wasn’t impressed but the other two were up for it and talked him into going with them.
The Café was busy this morning and it wasn’t until 4 hours after they had gone that Ian had the chance to go and look for them, they can’t normally last for half an hour without asking for something to eat, so for him not to see them for four hours was a little disturbing.
Ian got in the car and drove down to the foreshore to find them and they weren’t there, so he went to the park a little further along the front and found them. They were not happy about being dragged off the play equipment so that they could have lunch and whinged all the way back to the Café.
After lunch Marisa and Kristian went back to the Park while Ian went shopping with Fraser to get some last minute bits for his school camp trip next week.
After the Café closed Ian and the kids went home and much to the amusement of Ian, the kids announced that they wanted to go for a bike ride rather than a walk along the beach for a pint at our local. So they set off on their bikes into Busselton, they get an Ice Cream every time we walk or ride into town as an incentive for them to want to get some exercise.
It was getting a bit gloomy by the time they got into town, so it was a quick Ice Cream and then home again. By the time they left the Gelato shop it was to all intents and purposes dark, they didn’t have a torch between them and it was very cloudy so there was no moonlight to help.
Fortunately it is cycle path virtually all the way back so they were not going to have to worry about cars too much, but a lot of the path is shaded by overhanging trees which made it interesting. Fraser came into his own tonight; he seemed to have no trouble seeing in the dark and led the way at a good pace while the rest followed him.

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