Sunday, May 18, 2008


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Friday 16th May 2008
Carolyn didn’t have to give Ian a lift into work today because he has got the loan car, she was not totally impressed at having to get out of bed in the morning in below 60 degree temperatures, but bless her, a man needs a woman to iron his shirt and make his tea in the morning.
If only it or she were that simple.
Another busy day at the Café and the lunchtime rush wiped out Carolyn’s soon to be legendary Leek and Potato Soup. A fresh batch of Soup, Pea and Ham this time arrived just as we were running out.
Rods law (my S button isn’t working and the children might read this later), all the people that enjoy soup and have their own teeth as well as those that don’t have their own teeth or do have to drink through straws, all enjoyed it.
We might try some Carrot Soup next week, so the future looks bright, the future looks Orange.
If I worked for an Aussie advertising agency I would patent that. I reckon a Company might want that logo one day, probably the same day they invent DAB over here.
Just in case somebody ever decides that they do want to patent that logo, I hereby declare that in Australia, unless anyone else has done it first I wish to patent the logo dated 16th May 2008, The Future Looks Bright, The Future Looks Orange.
When we got home in the evening the kids decided that it was about time they spoke to Granny and Grandad, so when they saw that granny was pretending to be away from the computer they decided to call her anyway. She didn’t answer and we thought she must have had a premonition, but no, she was at the other end of the house and called straight back (I bet she wish she hadn’t), the first half hour was about our kids talking gibberish with the odd sensible reply and showing Granny the insides of their mouths through the Video cam. Then Grandad came in and it didn’t change a great deal, he asked the kids to send him Photos of their bedrooms and of the garden, at which point Fraser felt the need to get out in the garden in total darkness and start taking photos, fortunately the door was locked and he was not that interested so he went off and did something else, it was more of an impulse thing and it was soon forgotten.
Fliss’ surprise that she ha left for the kids turned out to be a book called The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, it sounds a bit dodgy to us, but apparently all Aussie kids are into this, or at least all Aussie kids like Fliss are into this. Apparently it gets a bit scary, but that is according to fliss, who is a wimp with anything apart from Cockroaches which she loves killing. She also loves jumping up and down on Spiders as well, but only those that are alive.
Early night again tonight we think the lack of Fats and Carbs is going to cause us all sorts of health problems if we don’t get it sorted out this weekend.
The kids have invited Fliss round for the evening tomorrow, she is bound to have a few tips on how to balance our Fats and Carbs, so it should be a good night.

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