Friday, May 16, 2008


Thursday 15th May 2008
Aussies love Soup, it’s Official, we have been plagued by requests for soup for the last couple of weeks and have put off making any because we felt the weather was too warm and it wouldn’t sell.
Well we got it wrong, unlike the UK where you only sell soup in warm weather unless your punters have no teeth or have the need for whatever reason to drink through a straw, over here they love it, even the ones that do have their own teeth.
While Ian has been slaving away in the kitchen at the Café, Carolyn has been slaving away at HoJo Villas over this winters first Homemade Soup, Leek and Potato to be precise. By the time the soup arrived at the Café and we had time to advertise it, the lunchtime rush which for some reason seems to happen between 11.30 and 12.30 had almost finished. We did sell some in the afternoon and all the reports that came back suggest that soup will be popular, I don’t know, live in the UK all your life, the land of truth and honour and you wouldn’t trust anyone as far as you could throw them, go to OZ the land of the Crims and they tell the truth, how does that work?
Today was busy, we had lots of new customers, people we have not seen in the last couple of weeks and without trying to sound too snobbish, people who enjoy Salads from time to time as well as chips and drink Skinny Cappuccinos rather than Diet Coke.
The feedback continues to be good and hopefully we can keep pushing it in the right direction, it is still very much a case of trial and error though and we know that with the amount of competition we have in the town we can’t afford to make too many mistakes.
We have also started selling fresh Salads in clear Takeaway tubs, they have been selling slowly, probably because people wouldn’t be looking for them but we aren’t too bothered by that because it means we don’t have to cook of an evening and we aren’t tempted to buy a Pizza on the way home from work, and basically we can be really healthy people without trying. After all who in their right mind would want a Meat Feast Pizza with extra Chillies and a Cheese Filled Crust when you can have an extremely nice, Immaculately Presented, Tuna and Egg Salad with Vinaigrette Salad Dressing? I feel healthy just thinking about it.
Ian’s car was not ready today so they lent him a car while he is waiting for his one to be finished, it’s got ¼ Tank of fuel in it as well so hopefully we will get away with a bit of free motoring.
We had an early night again tonight because we are shattered, we are starting to suspect that we are not eating enough Carbs, we think we might have to indulge in a Pizza or two and a slab of Tinnies over the weekend to get our stamina back, after all you should have a well balanced diet and Fats and Carbs are very important to your diet according to the Manager of our local Pizza Shop.
Fliss has left the kids a surprise, apparently it was a reward for helping her, and we didn’t know the kids were into Psychiatry, and hopefully it will hold them in good stead in later years.

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