Sunday, May 18, 2008

Relaxed as a Newt

Saturday 17th May 2008
When Ian got to work this morning he parked in his usual place in the car park, in the next bay lay a pole that had been pushed over and there were upside down shopping trolleys scattered around the car park. It was obviously a good night in town for the local hooligans last night, when he got to the Café he found that the hanging sign outside the Café had been used as a swing and as a consequence the mounting bracket had broken on one side which meant that it was hanging lop sided from one chain and the overhead light fitting had been broken.
Ian called the Police to report it and they came round and took details, they seemed to be resigned to the fact that this sort of thing is going to carry on happening until the Shire part with some cash for a CCTV system to be installed throughout the town. We have seen a fair bit of this sort of thing reported in the press since we have been here, but you assume that they are isolated incidents, unfortunately it would appear that this sort of mindless vandalism is going on all the time and the bits that we read are only the tip of the iceberg.
We are tempted to suggest to the government that it might be payback time now that we are over here, and that we should put all the offenders in prison ships and when they are full, dump them in the UK. Perhaps we could even turn the UK into a penal colony, now wouldn’t that be a novel idea, on the other hand it would probably just be speeding up the current UK governments policies on crime, find them guilty and let them go free so that they can continue to wreak havoc on the local community.
The Café was quiet today, fortunately one of the staff couldn’t come in today so it increased the workload on the rest of us a bit which made it a little less boring.
After work Fliss came back to our place and we all went for our stroll/paddle along the beach, we walked as far as Broadwater Resort which we mentioned last week and perched on three bar stalls for a couple of hours while the kids played outside. The service was not the best but it was a pleasant place to be after a hard week at work, we fed the kids there while we drank and when they had finished eating they went outside again and played with the bar managers daughter who for some reason was running round the place in pyjamas and wellies. We probably had one more drink than we should have, but Fliss is a bad influence on us and is very good at destroying best laid plans. All the same we had a good laugh and enjoyed the opportunity to relax, but will probably not stay there for quite as long next time.
We walked back along the beach to home, put the kids to bed, Ian had run out of beer so had to resort to drinking the sparkling wine that the Realty Agent had left for us when we moved in. Fliss still had some Smirnoff Ice in the fridge from when she was staying here while Carolyn hit the vodka, we ordered some pizza and sat down to watch the film Twelve Monkeys, and then fell asleep. When we woke up just before the best part of the film, we went to bed and Fliss slept on the sofa which in the middle of the night she decided was not comfortable enough and slept on the floor instead.


Anonymous said...

ps i might add that the floor was way comfier/more comfortable than the lounge-fliss

The HoJo's said...

mmm, but if you were less drunk you would have flipped a switch and slept on a choice of 4 lovely recliners, wouldn't you eh???