Sunday, May 18, 2008

Market Day

Sunday 18th May 2008
We had a lie in today until 9.30am, Fliss would have been woken by the boys at some silly hour when they got up and went into the Family room and it showed. She looked a little bit tired to say the least and rather than come to the market with us, opted instead to go home to bed.
We went to the market down by they jetty this morning and bought a couple of Pumpkins so that Carolyn can make some Pumpkin Soup, we also bought some shrubs and an Avocado tree to replenish the garden and give Crocodile Keith something to look forward to in a few years time. This market appears to be made up of anyone who has anything at all to sell, just turning up and laying out their stalls, there was not a Market inspector to be seen. Maybe in a couple of year’s time we will be setting up a stall here to sell our Avocadoes.
When we were on our way back from the market we saw a sign for a garage sale, so we thought that we would take a look and ended up buying one of those blower things that you use for blowing all your leaves into the next door neighbours garden.
We had a nice healthy steak and salad for dinner tonight before having an early night. When I said healthy steak, I didn’t actually mean healthy steak because it wasn’t as it was dead, but I’m sure it came from a healthy cow who I’m sure would be really happy to know that we had enjoyed it and that it had made us feel healthy in the process, even if it didn’t improve the health of the cow. Thank you Daisy.


Anonymous said...

I've always preferred being an unhealthy cow...*grin*


Little Nut Tree said...

"When I said healthy steak, I didn’t actually mean healthy steak because it wasn’t as it was dead"

Made me spit coca cola out :)

Very funny!

The HoJo's said...

Is that the recommended way to drink coke now? must be much healthier ;o)

The HoJo's said...

I'm right there with you J,